019 | The Power of Asking with Bailey Koch

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Bailey Koch is rather magical. Her ability to lean into the flow of what’s coming her way and hold her options up against the light of her own desires and knowledge of herself is inspiring and seems to be one of her super powers.

After growing up with freeze dried hippy parents on Folly Beach, SC and traveling all over Europe on mother/daughter adventures, Bailey went to NYU to study musical theatre. While there, she followed the flow of passion, curiosity, opportunity and deep self-understanding and found her self working in non-musical theatre and film.

She then moved across the country and is working in film casting after having the most serendipitous experiences as a result of her ability to simply ask questions and be open to answers and opportunities.

In this conversation Bailey and I talk about asking for help, connection, isolation in the age of information, the beautiful benefits of vulnerability, activism, and how to find ideal mentors in life and work.

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