I’m on a mission to help 10,000 people feel supported and empowered in creating sustainable change in how they experience their bodies, thoughts, emotions, and lives through customizable movement practices, mindful nutrition, and mindset coaching.

This is not a typical challenge group or one-size-fits all program. It’s a space for rocking your own personal revolution while enjoying connection, support, education, accountability, and inspiration in community.

  • This group is for you if you’re interested in challenging yourself to let go of the rules around exercise, food, and “doing all of the things” while you learn what YOU need to feel, think, and live at your best.
  • This group is for you if you want to explore movement from a new lens, whether that be amping up your strength training to supplement your yoga practice or adding in daily gratitude walks as a way to connect to your appreciation for your body and all that surrounds you in the world.
  • This group is for you if you want to explore your relationship to food and need a little structure or a little less rigidity – yes, this group offers both! The intention behind the nutrition piece of this work is to strengthen your ability to listen to you body and heart and lessen the noise around the “diet culture” mentality.
  • This group is for you if you want a “mindset and movement coach on call.” That’s me – super available to you individually and posting mini-mindset workshops and movement tutorials in the private Facebook group every few days.
  • This group is for you if you want community, connection, support, and accountability as you do rock your health and wellness journey your way while feeling really seen, heard, valued, held accountable, and encouraged by a mentor (that’s me!) and a rockstar community.

Where does all of this happen? 

Mostly, in our private Facebook group, via online videos, and via text, phone, and audio or video messages. Of course, the real magic will happen in your mind, body, and home!

When do we begin? 

There is a group going now and they’re experiencing beautiful shifts and a-ha moments (that are actually leading to action!) everyday. We’re excited to welcome you!

Why do it now? 

Because what’s the benefit of waiting? If you’re curious and a part of you feels ready to change your relationship to your body, thoughts, emotions, and life – lean into that spark of knowing and ask yourself if this could be a good fit. If they answer is yes, let’s get started!

What’s the investment?

The monthly investment is $35. With your membership you receive powerful group coaching and accountability, monthly high level workshops that come directly from Katie’s Best Year Yet coaching curriculum, weekly mini-workshops led by Katie and expert guest mentors, daily feedback, inspiration, and motivation, as well as abundant opportunities for Q&A’s around the topics of movement, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, mantra, nutrition, body image, mindset shifts, personal development, and various areas of holistic health and wellness.