Katie is the author of the book Living Life on Purpose, the host of the podcast Stand Up Break Free, an integrative yoga and movement therapist, a mama to a very sweet son, and an all-around badass woman.

In all that she does, Katie helps people who are feeling discomfort and disconnection to feel whole, connected, and strong — mind, body, + soul.

She is a whiz at translating ancient yogic wisdom into usable, applicable, and accessible modern-day form to help people experience their lives in a holistic, empowered, and refreshing way.

She loves local organic coffee, punk rock, indie bookstores, vintage rockabilly skirts, and fancy french fries.

She believes that yoga is about so much more than what happens on the mat and that what happens on the mat is so much more than what it seems.

She is endlessly fascinated by the practices of yoga, yoga therapy, integrative movement therapy, Pilates, plant based nutrition, life coaching, meditation, and mindfulness and is constantly deepening her practice, formal education, and personal experience of these modalities.

She works with individuals and groups in person or via Skype.

To learn more about working with Katie email katie@katieashley.org or call (843) 469-2344

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