Hi. I know that there’s a “tried and true” format for these types of pages but I’m just not into creating one of those.

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are that you are interested in working together in some way. The work that we will be doing together is more about your individual goals and unique perspective than it is about my past or present or my wall full of certifications and CEUs.

I’m more interested in helping you access and shine major light on your thoughts, beliefs, and goals for yourself and your world than I am imparting mine onto you or coaching you to become a mini-me. I’m not down with that at all.

If you’re curious about my story and some of the key teachings that have been game changers in my life read my book, Living Life on Purpose, check out my blog, or listen to my podcast, Stand Up / Break Free.

That way you’ll really get to know me and my work before you decide that you’d like us to work together.

In my life coaches, mentors, teachers, and therapists have played a variety of roles. Some shared life changing teachings and lessons with me. Others helped me learn to heal and up level my life in major ways both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, some held a space that led me to feel more broken and incomplete than heard, supported, or inspired.

I believe that I’m responsible for my life and that I have a choice in how I perceive and experience the world. Choosing a coach, mentor, or teacher wisely is a part of that. It only took a few “too quick to leap” or “shiny object syndrome” type of choices in hiring someone before I learned my lesson. Now, before I choose to work with someone I spend some time getting to know them via whatever content they’ve put out in the world that I find intriguing.

Please get to know the coach, mentor, or teacher that you’re interested in working with, be that me or anyone else. After reading or listening sit with yourself and tune in to how you’re feeling.

Don’t let triggering buzz words or flashy marketing make you feel like you need to work with someone or buy their offerings. Tap into your intuition. You know yourself better than anyone and you’ll know when someone is a right fit to walk beside you in your personal development journey.

If you’d like me to be that person for you, reach out. My direct email is Katie@katieashley.org

Much love,



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