Shauna Vanbogart on Minimalism, Sweet Spots, and Getting Back to Basics

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Most people I’ve met, have at one time or another, bemoaned the feeling of “overwhelm” and feeling pulled in a million directions to juggle all the plates and to do #allthethings in their work lives, school lives, family lives, and personal lives. Shauna Vanbogart is not into it.

She’s in her sweet spot. And, she’s an expert at guiding others who have drifted away from theirs back on point. Especially business owners that feel like they’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for their business and are really mystified and frustrated to be feeling that way because they began their businesses with such passion, belief, and good intentions.

If you’re feeling disconnected, distracted, and over cluttered in your mental and physical space – this episode is for you.

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