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Tropical Storms & Not Drowning

Once upon a time I surfed overhead waves. I had just moved to Folly Beach after a Summer in Nantucket. In Nantucket I had the benefit of fairly consistent gentle waves. Surfing there was full of ease and enjoyment and when I moved back to South Carolina I had very littleContinue reading


The Part Of Freedom That We Don’t Want To Talk About

So you say your want a revolution, well you know… To get free, you have to let go. Each night during my initial yoga teacher training we practiced the same chant: “Make me and instrument for Thy Will, Not mine but Thine be done Free me from anger, jealousy and fear, fill myContinue reading

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Stopping The Mental Spiral And Broken Record

That dreaded feeling recently came back. **This is a super personal story, but I am sharing it with you, because I often get comments and questions from students and readers who are struggling with a tendency to get caught in a downward spiral when triggered by uncomfortable feelings.. After the story I share my pathContinue reading

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Wisdom From RENT aka Baggage Reframe

“I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine.” ~ Mimi Marquez The rock musical RENT was the first piece of art that influenced my life in a major way. I was obsessed with the show as a teenager. Through the years my love of the show has remained and my perceptionContinue reading


Do You Believe Signs?

I’ve been on the fence about signs. I’ve heard many teachers talk about the perfect book falling off the shelf at the perfect time, cardinals appearing out of season as an answer to a deep question, and receiving a dollar as change only to notice later that a relevant message had been written onContinue reading

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Full Disclosure: I don’t always like my body.

My first boyfriend was obsessed with my flat stomach. It was the mid 90’s, I dreamed of going to Warped Tour (which was brand new back then) and Gwen Stefani was my fashion idol. As such my wardrobe was largely made up of carpenter pants and baggy ripped jeans paired with tiny baby dollContinue reading

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Are You Taking The Best Route?

Misadventures on the road, in relationships, and in life. It turns out that Google Maps doesn’t work very well in Charlotte, NC. My first time driving in the city I was traveling with my photographer friend. I’d been asked to teach at a women’s self growth and empowerment event and my friend hadContinue reading

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Have You Heard?

This may be the most important thing you hear today. When was the last time you were silent without filling the void by scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or an online news site? When was the last time you were silent without watching TV, reading a book, or listening to musicContinue reading

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The Struggle Is Real

Staying present is hard. It’s easy to drift out of our bodies and into our heads, and our minds tend to wander back and forth between the past and the future. Meditation helps. But, what about those times when it feels like meditation is impossible because our minds are whirlingContinue reading