Are You Inspired?

Make time to inspire yourself. Last night I took a dance class for the first time in about seven years. It was amazing! I left feeling connected to my body in a way that I don’t feel in any other movement modality. I’m not at the same “level” that I was sevenContinue reading

Twas A Few Nights Before Christmas

If you’re reading this the day that it’s published my parents should be arriving any minute. My son is filled with joy and excitement as the anticipation of the arrival of both his grandparents and Santa mounts. My partner Brian has only a few massage clients on the books, soContinue reading

Your New Super Sneaky Self-Care List

As 2016 winds to a close I’ve been thinking a lot about the foundations of holistic health and work/life/all the things “balance.”   What I am noticing is that self-care seems to be the most important foundational piece of many areas of my life, but also the one that IContinue reading

How To Get What You Truly Want

This holiday season I have a challenge for you. It’s a practice that’s simple in nature but for many of us it isn’t easy. It’s the practice of truly receiving.   For a long time, I struggled with receiving on just about every level, from food to gifts to moneyContinue reading

Now Is Not The Time To Stay Small Or Shut Up.

The world needs you and now is not the time to stay small or shut up.   It’s the time to look at what habits and hang ups are holding you back and get to work on breaking through the blocks.   It won’t necessarily be easy, but it isn’tContinue reading

Commitment Without Clinging.

I am perpetually trying to get rid of 99% of the things in my house. It’s my never ending war on clutter. Why? Because I can’t focus when stuff is everywhere. I get super overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, so I just shut down and let the laundryContinue reading

Sugar, Sex, Scandal…and Yoga?

Do you crave sugar, sex, Netflix binges, coffee, or alcohol? I do and I’m willing to bet that you do too. Perhaps your specific cravings are different, but its not a stretch to assume that you have some. We all do and many of us spend a great deal ofContinue reading

Not Experiencing Bliss? Here’s Why & What To Do About It.

What is blocking your bliss? Likely a combination of believing “unreal” thoughts, your ego, craving and attachment, aversion, and fear of death. Yikes! It would be so much easier to blame our lack of bliss on our partners, employers, financial situations, or fitness levels. I know that it sounds moreContinue reading

I F*d Up

A really big mistake keeps haunting me. A few years ago I decided to finally follow my heart and start my own business. After awhile I decided that I knew a great deal about my work but very little about “business” or how to spread the word about what IContinue reading

Are You Getting Treated The Way You Want To Be?

I wasn’t getting what I wanted because… I wasn’t giving it to myself. The problem wasn’t an energetic block in my ability to receive. It wasn’t anyone else’s problem. It was mine. I wasn’t giving myself what I wanted and I was getting upset when that was reflected back toContinue reading

First Things First…

Create a solid foundation. Laying the ground work has historically not been my strong suit. I’m excellent at seeing the potential, the possibility, the big picture, and the upside in even the most troubling situations but it’s my inclination to jump in and go full speed ahead before a plan orContinue reading

My Favorite Remedy For Overwhelm

Get clear on your values and take action. If you have been drowning in your to-do list or feeling bowled over by commitments and expectations, this exercise is extra important for you. Simply ask yourself: What is most important to me?  At this stage I don’t mean what on my to-doContinue reading

The #1 Lesson Learned In Writing My First Book

I could write a list of a thousand lessons learned, but this is the top one: #1. The Timing Is Perfect.  I had planned to devote the first quarter of 2016 to finishing and editing Living Life on Purpose. I had planned for it to be available on Amazon shortly after.Continue reading

Why Does The Finish Line Keep Moving?

“Shouldn’t I be done by now?” This is a question I get asked A TON! Sometimes this question is related to age. Many students I’ve worked with hold a long held belief that they should have “arrived” in their life by a certain age – most often that age is somewhere betweenContinue reading

Do You Find This Truth Disturbing?

Wisdom from Buddha, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, and Carl Jung. Jack Kornfield, in his book The Wise Heart, quotes the Jungian analyst Robert Johnson in saying, “We more easily take our worst fears and thoughts to be who we are, the unacknowledged traits called our “shadow” by Jung. Curiously, people resist the noble aspectsContinue reading